K.W.Electronics KW-MP1 Morse Practice Oscillator

Improve your speed or learn the code with this Morse training oscillator.  Simply insert your Morse key and adjust the pitch to suit your preference.  Powered by a 9V battery.

Available from HERE

K.W.Electronics KW-MP1KMorse Practice Oscillator Kit

This is the kit version of the above item and is available from HERE

K.W.Electronics VHF/UHF Preamplifier Kit

This is a kit to build yourself a VHF/UHF preamplifier to boost the signal on your scanner or desktop receiver.  Comprising of both through hole components and SMD components all you need to add is solder, a little time, a battery and possibly a case.

Can also be used as an active antenna with the addition of a short length of copper wire and a BNC Plug.

Available HERE

Under Development

Currently here at K.W.Electronics we are busy developing a Huff-Puff VFO Stabiliser.  We all know that the VFO in our beloved old radios (or home brew projects) can sometimes drift considerably making QSOs less than enjoyable.  The addition of a huff-puff stabiliser (or XLock) will fix the voltage and hold the frequency stable.  One was previously made by Cumbria Designs using a PIC but they are no longer trading and the software for the PIC is no longer available.  Therefore this one is based around some old designs using a 74HC type IC (binary counter) and updated somewhat.  This will be available in kit form to add to your existing project or radio.